Cold dead bones In a cold dead bed With a cold dead sheet And boney cold flowers Hideous freezing memories Rising from the dead Gravestones whistling loudly People praying silently Mourning words of peace Finding madness instead -Stefania Advertisements

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Isn’t it incredible?

Isn’t it incredible? How every sunset could be the last one? The most beautiful one? The saddest or the best one? Isn’t it incredible? How every sunset could be the beginning or the end of a new story? A new life or a new book? Isn’t it incredible?How we can capture a moment that means […]

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Porcelain spilled all over the sea Floating lightly Your white heart lost in the waves Fragile as it is Following the storms Revolving all around Trying to recompose From the light and thunder Shattered into pieces   Don’t forget to read my book “The shadow through” on Wattpad, especially if you want to read more […]

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▶️Petricor-Ludovico Einaudi The light is fading Slowly as it seems The ray of a fallen star. Shadows are mourning And the dark is pouring From a small hole In the brightest sky. Leaves are leaving Like sunken dreams Apart at the seams. This is one of my poems from my book on Wattpad! If you […]

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Small pieces

What am I If not a small piece of humanity A breath A smile A drop A tear What am I If not a bird Who flies in the open sky And sings to the trees What am I If not a working ant, A free horse Or a sleeping cat What am I If […]

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Greek lyric

The Greek lyric is the body of lyric poetry and it developed between the 7th century and the early 5th century BC. It’s mainly written in dialects. Much of Greek lyric is occasional poetry and the symposium is one of the numerous settings where lyric poems were performed. The term “lyric” indicated an accompaniment of […]

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Greek tragedy

The Greek tragedy is a form of theatre from Ancient Greece and Asia minor. It’s widely believed to be an extension of the ancient rites done in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine, and it profoundly influenced the theatre of Ancient Rome and the Renaissance. The plots were mainly based upon myths from oral […]

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