Pessoa e il linguaggio del tedio

Editore: Feltrinelli; Pagine: 279.,Brossura. L’uomo che guarda, l’uomo che scruta e va oltre gli altri, oltre se stesso, cercando di capire la sua anima, tormentata da domande, sogni e una sorta di insonnia esistenziale. L’uomo abitudinario, normale, che si nasconde nella massa e non vuole essere notato ma visto come normale più che  una sorta […]

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Crimine!Crimine! La libertà!

“Infimi sciacalli, pennivendoli!”   Non si fa altro che sentire di complotti, diffamazioni e nell’Italia del 2018 non vi è altro che una manciata di fake news e post su Facebook. Un vero e proprio attacco all’editoria, alla vera ragione per cui, ogni giorno, si cerca di diffondere la verità, la stessa  che la Costituzione […]

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I took this photo in Modica (RG), Sicily. It’s famous for its chocolate festival so I visited it on 7th December and I admit it, I gained few pounds. The chocolate tastes really good (even though it depends on the type but that’s my personal taste) so it’s worth a shot!   It’s also a […]

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Movies you can watch in December

I’ve been watching a lot of movies on Netflix these days, I simply can’t stop. However, this is a list of movies I really enjoyed and I think you could do too!   The legend of 900 (La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano)(1998) Danny Boodmann, a stoker on an American passenger liner, Virginian, finds a baby […]

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Porcelain spilled all over the sea Floating lightly Your white heart lost in the waves Fragile as it is Following the storms Revolving all around Trying to recompose From the light and thunder Shattered into pieces   Don’t forget to read my book “The shadow through” on Wattpad, especially if you want to read more […]

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The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl (1949)

The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl (1949) is a self-portrait that celebrates the final resolution of the Riveras’ marriage. Here Frida is the earth mother/Madonna nurturing the baby she could never have – her “Dieguito.” Now she does not need to clasp him tightly, for the couple’s union […]

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The Wounded Deer (1946)

The Wounded Deer is a self-portrait that symbolically addresses the physical and emotional pain associated with her injuries. In the piece, Kahlo has depicted herself as a deer—a choice perhaps inspired by her beloved pet, Granizo. Struck by arrows and positioned behind a broken branch (an object used in traditional Mexican funeral rites), it is clear that the […]

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