Cold dead bones

In a cold dead bed

With a cold dead sheet

And boney cold flowers

Hideous freezing memories

Rising from the dead

Gravestones whistling loudly

People praying silently

Mourning words of peace

Finding madness instead



“A girl with schizophrenia” -Haniah Hamzah

I started to talk with Haniah by chance, it happened in a foggy day of November and I still remember when I was the notifications and noticed that she liked all my poems, I was really surprised! She sent me a message then and we  got  along instantly. I checked her profile and  I opened her book without any doubt: I was extremely curious and, if I have to be honest, I’ve never read a book about Schizophrenia, especially because of the stigma around this illness, so my expectations were really high. What can I say? It was really worth it. When I first read the  book, it was a working progress but it was already a promising one. I complimented with her instantly because I thought she was really brave, not anyone is capable of writing and be open about this kind of topics. Sufferers have been demonised for years, perceived as monsters and unhuman but she’s clearly fighting these prejudices  by showing that they’re like us, there isn’t any difference and we need to respect them and be compassionate towards their situation. I noticed her efforts and her honesty  and I have to say that I really admire what she’s doing: I would never be capable of such truthfulness and openess as she describes the most painful moments of her life. The most touching part is the one when she talks about her psychosis and I can say I really felt her pain, she explains well what it’s like to live with this illness and  I can say that reading this book can really open your mind and make you understand more about her world. ! She’s just a normal girl, like me, like you, fighting against demons of all sorts, against her mind and she’s battling in the best way ever: she is writing, she’s is expressing what could be kept hidden, it’s astonishing!

I really suggest this book, the content  is extremely good  and it has the potential to become the brilliant one! I also recommend it to those people who share the same issues, you will feel understood and not alone, not again.

You can find her on Wattpad!

A girl with Schizophrenia 

Diary of a girl with Schizophrenia




J’ai des rêves
Mais maintenant sont poussière,
J’ai des idées
Mais maintenant sont paroles,
Paroles que je n’explique pas
car il sont dures et difficiles,
Paroles d’espoir
Mais paroles de souffrance.
J’ai rêvé l’or et l’argent,
J’ai rêvé les Dieux
Et le hibou
Q’à le tombée de la nuit
M’annonce la sagesse
Et l’esprit de la calme.
J’attends la mite
Qui me guide à la lumière.

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Porcelain spilled all over the sea
Floating lightly
Your white heart lost in the waves
Fragile as it is
Following the storms
Revolving all around
Trying to recompose
From the light and thunder
Shattered into pieces


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▶️Petricor-Ludovico Einaudi

The light is fading

Slowly as it seems

The ray of a fallen star.

Shadows are mourning

And the dark is pouring

From a small hole

In the brightest sky.

Leaves are leaving

Like sunken dreams

Apart at the seams.

This is one of my poems from my book on Wattpad! If you want more, check it☺️


Black and white

White pages

And dark lines

Mixed with entities

That I can’t define

But they show in front of me

Telling me how to live

In a black page

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Ai miei lettori italiani.

Vi andrebbe di leggere i testi di una ragazza (sempre su Wattpad) che vi giurò, scrive benissimo! Ecco il link, se siete interessati.