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Old ruins

Photo took in Sicily, Italy

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Isn’t it incredible?

Isn’t it incredible? How every sunset could be the last one? The most beautiful one? The saddest or the best one?

Isn’t it incredible? How every sunset could be the beginning or the end of a new story? A new life or a new book?

Isn’t it incredible?How we can capture a moment that means more than it’s said and done?

Isn’t it incredible? How a ray of sun can change our mood, our thoughts and all our day?

Isn’t it incredible? How we deeply live these moments? In tune with the world and the sounds around us?

Oh nature! Isn’t it an incredible woman?

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A window on the infinity

I took it on Christmas Day🎄

It was really foggy and rainy outside (extremely cold too) but, for a moment, the sun showed up and the sky was so blue and clear!

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