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Godly architecture

Photo took in Bronte (CT), Sicily, Italy.

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I took this photo in Modica (RG), Sicily.

It’s famous for its chocolate festival so I visited it on 7th December and I admit it, I gained few pounds.

The chocolate tastes really good (even though it depends on the type but that’s my personal taste) so it’s worth a shot!


It’s also a beautiful city. I walked a lot on those small streets and I had so much fun! I love small towns with a big cultural background, full of history and traditions. I unfortunately noticed that some houses were abandoned because people leave to find more jobs outside Sicily. We don’t have many opportunities thus we need to do so and it’s also because most of these towns are too far from the main cities (not hard to reach, though).

I really recommend to go there during this period, especially in the evenings. The atmosphere is delightful.whatsapp image 2018-12-07 at 20.41.24

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Racism in Italy: the immigrants problem

Italy is slowly falling in the hole of fascism, it’s like a long fallen in the rabbit hole. Will we ever get back? These days, hate is spreading all over the country against immigrants and the other minorities. We have huge problems with immigration: everyday, numbers and numbers of people arrive here trying to build a new future. I personally had two immigrants in my class and they told us what they went through and how they reached Italy. It’s simply disgusting, they’re treating humans like objects to gain money from.

The attacks

From the 2n of June to the 30th of July, there were numerous aggressions against people of colour. Rightists deny the causes, they say racism doesn’t exist here. They justify themselves saying “well, it’s the lest we can do after the problem they’ve caused”. They think violence is the right choice, they think assaulting with a gun is necessary. They scream “Salvini, Salvini!” and of course, Salvini himself denies. They say the lefts is creating fake news but it’s the opposite. The right is spreading fake news about EVERYTHING, even vaccines. They talk about weird conspiracies like the one about the shipwreck happened at the end of June in Tripoli.

They say the dead child is a doll and actually fake because she (I suppose) is white.

Anyway, one of the attacks goes back to the 2nd of June. Soumayla Sacko, 29 years old, got killed when he was helping some of his compatriots to take the necessary material used to build the baracks they lived in. The second takes place in Caserta (11th of June)

Daby and Sekou were attacked by some extremists who were singing in the name of Salvini. A hail of bullets ended their lives.

About the rest

20th of June, Naples.

Konate Bouyagui, 22 years old, a regular immigrant, got shot in the stomach by two men on a black car.

2nd of July, Forlì.

A Nigerian woman was injured.

5th of July, Forlì

A man, 33 years old, was injured with a gun used to play airsoft.

11th of July, Latina.

Two nigerian men, (26 and 19 years old) were waiting for the bus in Latina when they got shot by some men in a black car (same ways).

17th of July, Rome.

A child (from the Roma/gypsy community), 3 months old, got shot by an ex member of the Senate.

26th of July, Vicenza.

A worker got shot by a man in a balcony with the excuse of targeting a pigeon.

28 of July, Palermo.

A boy, 19 years old, got attacked by a group of men who repeated “Get back home!” (His homeland).

29th of July, Aprilia.

A man, 43 years old, was thought to be a thief. He was followed and then killed.

Another episode sets back to few days ago, between 29th-30th of July in Moncalieri.

Daisy Osakue (an athlete) was attacked by some men (they used eggs) who probably thought to attack a prostitute (because of the skin colour). This also happened to other italian women as well, thus we’re not sure if the action was inherently racist.

30th of July, Catania.

Four immigrants weren’t allowed to take the bus to go from Catania to Taormina.

We are in 2018 yet we are not evolving socially like we should. We reached a sort of acceptance towards minorities but we’re loosing it. Maybe the hate was just hidden but at least, no one was injured. I’m writing about because people need to know what is happening here. I’m not sure if they talk about us in other countries so I’m trying my best to show how Italy is gradually getting worse. I’m still hopeful somehow. I hope someone will do the right thing in the right moment.