Cold dead bones

In a cold dead bed

With a cold dead sheet

And boney cold flowers

Hideous freezing memories

Rising from the dead

Gravestones whistling loudly

People praying silently

Mourning words of peace

Finding madness instead



The Wounded Deer (1946)


The Wounded Deer is a self-portrait that symbolically addresses the physical and emotional pain associated with her injuries.

In the piece, Kahlo has depicted herself as a deer—a choice perhaps inspired by her beloved pet, Granizo. Struck by arrows and positioned behind a broken branch (an object used in traditional Mexican funeral rites), it is clear that the deer is likely going to die. At the time of the painting’s creation, Kahlo’s health was in decline. In addition to failed corrective surgeries and the ongoing physical pain associated with her accident, she also suffered from gangrene and other illnesses.

Furthermore, like The Broken ColumnThe Wounded Deer references Christian iconography. According to the bible, Saint Sebastian, an early Christian saint and martyr, was killed by an onslaught of arrows. His death has remained a popular subject in art for centuries, and likely inspired Kahlo’s choice of subject matter.




I’m going to post some photos that I’ve taken.

“Without music, life would be a mistake”

-Friedrich Nietzsche
The aesthetic is mine.


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There are questions but not answers

Everyone is getting on with their lives

Everyone is living but I’m dying slowly

Stuck in my pain

Blocked by my fears and insicurities.

I don’t know what should I do

How can I escape from this hell?

How can I  escape from my thoughts and the voices in my head?

I observe people everyday and I ask myself how they can live their empty life

How can they walk in the  street and not observing?

Why don’t they see what is going on in the world?

It must be funny, not being me

Not watching with my eyes

Not thinking like me

Not noticing even the smallest details.

Maybe I should live like them

With the emptiness in my heart and in my mind.

I was listening to Twenty One pilots.