Porcelain spilled all over the sea
Floating lightly
Your white heart lost in the waves
Fragile as it is
Following the storms
Revolving all around
Trying to recompose
From the light and thunder
Shattered into pieces


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Small pieces

What am I

If not a small piece of humanity

A breath

A smile

A drop

A tear

What am I

If not a bird

Who flies in the open sky

And sings to the trees

What am I

If not a working ant,

A free horse

Or a sleeping cat

What am I

If not part of this beautiful




The Odyssey

The Odyssey is considered the first “novel” of the european literature.

The plot

Ten years after the fall of Troy, the victorious Greek hero Odysseus has still not returned to his native Ithaca. A band of rowdy suitors, believing Odysseus to be dead, has overrun his palace, courting his faithful wife, Penelope, and going through his stock of food. With permission from Zeus, the goddess Athens, Odysseus’ greatest immortal ally, appears in disguise and urges Odysseus’ son Telemachus to seek news of his father at Pylos and Sparta. However, the suitors, led by Antinous, plan to ambush him upon his return.As Telemachus tracks Odysseus’ trail through stories from his old comrades-in-arms, Athena arranges for the release of Odysseus from the island of the beautiful goddess Calypso, whose prisoner and lover he has been for the last eight years. Odysseus sets sail on a makeshift raft, but the sea god Poseidon, whose wrath Odysseus incurred earlier in his adventures by blinding Poseidon’s son, the Cyclops Polyphemus, conjures up a storm. With Athena’s help, Odysseus reaches the Phaeacians. Their princess, Nausicaa, who has a crush on the handsome warrior, opens the palace to the stranger. Odysseus withholds his identity for as long as he can until finally, at the Phaeacians’ request, he tells the story of his adventures.Odysseus relates how, following the Trojan War, his men suffered more losses at the hands of the Kikones, then were nearly tempted to stay on the island of the drug-addled Lotus Eaters. Next, the Cyclops Polyphemus devoured many of Odysseus’ men before an ingenious plan of Odysseus’ allowed the rest to escape but not before Odysseus revealed his name to Polyphemus and thus started his personal war with Poseidon. The wind god Ailos then provided Odysseus with a bag of winds to aid his return home, but the crew greedily opened the bag and sent the ship to the land of the giant, man-eating Laistrygonians, where they again barely escaped. On their next stop, the goddess Circe tricked Odysseus’ men and turned them into pigs. With the help of the god Hermes, Odysseus defied her spell and metamorphosed the pigs back into men. They stayed on her island for a year in the lap of luxury, with Odysseus as her lover, before moving on and resisting the temptations of the seductive and dangerous Sirens, navigating between the sea monster Scylla and the whirlpools of Charybdis, and plumbing the depths of Hades to receive a prophecy from the blind seer Tiresias. Resting on the island of Helios, Odysseus’ men disobeyed his orders not to touch the oxen. At sea, Zeus punished them and all but Odysseus died in a storm. It was then that Odysseus reached Calypso’s island.Odysseus finishes his story, and the Phaeacians hospitably give him gifts and ferry him home on a ship. Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar and instructs him to seek out his old swineherd, Eumaeus; she will recall Telemachus from his own travels. With Athena’s help, Telemachus avoids the suitors’ ambush and reunites with his father, who reveals his identity only to his son and swineherd. He devises a plan to overthrow the suitors with their help.In disguise as a beggar, Odysseus investigates his palace. The suitors and a few of his old servants generally treat him rudely as Odysseus sizes up the loyalty of Penelope and his other servants. Penelope, who notes the resemblance between the beggar and her presumably dead husband, proposes a contest: she will, at last, marry the suitor who can string Odysseus’ great bow and shoot an arrow through a dozen axe heads. Only Odysseus can pull off the feat. Bow in hand, he shoots and kills the suitor Antinous and reveals his identity. With Telemachus, Eumaeus, and his goatherd Philoitios at his side, Odysseus leads the massacre of the suitors, aided only at the end by Athena. Odysseus lovingly reunites with Penelope, his knowledge of their bed that he built the proof that overcomes her skepticism that he is an impostor. Outside of town, Odysseus visits his ailing father, Laertes, but an army of the suitors’ relatives quickly finds them. With the encouragement of a disguised Athena, Laertes strikes down the ringleader, Antinous’ father. Before the battle can progress any further, Athena, on command from Zeus, orders peace between the two sides.

The plot is more complicated that the Iliad’s one, the social context is really different and more advanced, women are more present, the psychological aspects are really evidenced and Gods are less present (We mainly see Athena and Poseidon).

Characters list


The contradictions extend to Odysseus’ intellect. Blessed with great physical strength, he has an equally keen mind that bails him out of many difficulties. There is no better “improviser” or “strategist” in Greek mythology, though the label attached is often “cunning” or “deceiver”; indeed, many Greeks saw Odysseus’ habit of lying as a vice and a weakness. His predilecyion for disguise complements his ability to make up plausible stories about his background. Although Odysseus’ ingenuity comes across as his chief weapon, his Achilles’ heel is the frequency with which he falls victim to temptation and makes bad tactical errors (when adding insult to injury to Polyphemus and revealing his true name). Still, Odysseus is aware of this flaw, and bids his men to tie him up when they pass by the Sirens, the exemplars of temptation. By the end of his journey, he has learned to resist temptation, willingly suffering abuse by the suitors to meet his eventual goal of destroying them.


Odysseus’ son, Telemachus is extremely scared of the suitors at the beginning but, thanks to Athena, he becomes braver and an assured, mature, young man ready to fight them. We clearly see a character development.


Extremely wise and beautiful, Odysseus’ wife is contended by many man and tries everything to not get married with one of them because she’s waiting for his beloved husband. It’s described as extremely intelligent-like the husband- and cunning, especially when she pretends to accept to marry one of the suitors. She’s the representation of faith and devotion in marriage.

The suitors

They ungratefully live off Odysseus’ estate in their pursuit of the beautiful and wealthy Penelope. They revel nightly with Odysseus’ food and his willing female servants and bully around Telemakhos, defying the sacred Greek value of “xenia” (hospitality). Homer’s unsympathetic portrait of them ensures that the audience enjoys the suitors’ extremely violent end.


Circe is a goddess of magic or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress in Greek mythology. She’s the Titan Helios’ daughter.


She is the daughter of King Alcinous and her name, in greek, means “burner of ships”. She’s the first to help Odysseus when he is shipwrecked on the coast of Scheria, an island.



Zeus himself, king of the gods, is known as the greatest advocate of hospitality and the suppliants who request it; yet even he allows the sea god Poseidon to punish the Phaeacians for their generous tradition of returning wayfarers to their homelands. Civilized people make an investment in hospitality to demonstrate their quality as human beings and in hopes that their own people will be treated well when they travel. Hospitality, or the lack of it, affects Odysseus throughout the epic. An example?Odysseus’ own home has been taken over by a horde of suitors who crudely take advantage of Ithaca’s long-standing tradition of hospitality.


The most accurate example of loyalty in the epic is, of course, Penelope, who waits faithfully for 20 years for her husband’s return. Another example is Telemachus, who stands by his father against the suitors.


Poseidon and Odysseus are the most noticeable examples of the theme of vengeance. In order to escape from the cave of Polyphemus, Odysseus blinds the one-eyed giant. Unfortunately, the Cyclops is the sea god Poseidon’s son; Odysseus has engaged a formidable enemy. Poseidon can’t kill Odysseus because the Fates have determined that he will make it home. However, the sea god can help to fulfill his son’s wish that Odysseus should arrive in Ithaca late, broken, and alone.

Odysseus gets his revenge on the suitors and his disloyal servants. He kill them all in the 22nd book.

Spiritual growth

The theme of spiritual growth is central to The Odyssey, especially as it relates to Telemachus and Odysseus. When the epic opens, Telemachus is desperate and he doesn’t know how to fight the suitors. Then we see this change and, helped by Athena, He faces various barriers, falters temporarily, but eventually prevails. Odysseus’ growth is less linear. He was already quite a man when he left for the Trojan War 20 years before. His trials have more to do with refinement of spirit; his growth is in the kind of wisdom and judgment that will make him a better king.

The meter

How are we supposed to read this epic poem?

In the greek language, reading follows a certain rhythm that we call “meters”. There are different types but the meter used here is called hexameter. This is also used in latin.

A dactylic hexameter has six feet. In strict dactylic hexameter, each foot would be a dactyl (a long and two short syllables), but classical meter allows for the substitution of a spondee (two long syllables) in place of a dactyl in most positions.The sixth foot can be filled by either a trochee (a long then short syllable) or a spondee.

Here we have the dactylic meter:

u u | — u u | — u u | — u u | — u u | — X

Hexameter also have a caesura, a break between words and there are frequent enjambements.

This could be an interesting source to know more about it Hexameter .

(Latin and greek dactylic hexameters are a bit different but not much. The basic concept is the same).



Hi everyone!

Sorry for my absence, I swear I will write more.

However, I want to start writing about literature so let’s talk about my beloved Greeks!

I’ve always been fascinated by the Ancient Greece, mythology, how they lived etc. In fact, I study ancient greek (with latin too) and I often translate their texts. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to translate, you’ve probably seen how your vision of things has changed (or it’s just me?). When I hear a word, for example, I automatically understand the basic concept without looking for it because I just remembered the greek word (it mainly happens with latin though but it depends on the language). The study of these dead languages also helped me with learning the modern languages such as French or Spanish because I can recognize easily their roots and then learn intuitively.

Here we go! Ancient greek literature goes from the from the earliest texts until the time of the Byzantine Empire, when the last neoplatonic school was closed by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian (VIII century to 529 a.C.). Before the VIII century, there was a period of profound cultural crisis called the “Greek Dark Ages” and it went from from the end of the Mycenaean palatial civilization around 1100 BC to the first signs of the Greek poleis, city states, in the 9th century BC. During this time, nothing was written and the transmission of informations or poems was mainly oral. The earliest surviving works of ancient Greek literature, dating back to the early Archaic period(VIII-VI BC.), are the two epic poems “The Iliad”and “The Odyssey”, set in the Mycenaean era. These two epics, along with the “Homeric Hymns” and the two poems of “Hesiod”, “Theogony” and “Works and Days” comprised the major foundations of the Greek literary tradition that would continue into the Classical (V-IV BC), Hellenistic (323 BC-31 BC)and Roman Periods.

How did these texts arrive in our centuries?

After 529 AC, the greek language wasn’t spoken anymore in Europe so it was mainly translated by Arabs (it was replaced by Latin). We have texts written by the monks or coming from Toledo, Baghdad and Palermo, where schools for translation were located. Most of them couldn’t speak greek so, when an element was unclear, they used to write “Graecum est, non legitur” which that means “It’s greek and impossible to read”. This caused a lot of mistakes in their transcription. Only in the XIV century, greek was studied again, mainly in Florence and by important italian authors such as Boccaccio who looked for lost books or poems in old monasteries.

About the greek language.

The earliest known Greek writings are Mycenaean , written in the Linear B syllabary on clay tablets. These documents contain prosaic records largely concerned with trade (lists, inventories etc.); no real literature has been discovered. Michael Ventris and John Chadwick, the original decipherers of Linear B, state that literature almost certainly existed in Mycenaean Greek , but it was either not written down or, if it was, it was on wooden tablets, which did not survive the destruction of the Mycenaean palaces. Then we can find 3 important dialects such as Aeolic, Doric and Ionic. Aeolic was spoken mainly in Boeotia (a region in Central Greece); Thessaly, in the Aegean island of Lesbos; and the Greek colonies of Asia Minor (Aeolis). The Aeolic dialect shows many archaisms in comparison to the other Ancient Greek dialects (Attic, Ionic, Doric) and it’s widely known as the language of Sappho and Alcaeus of Mytilene. Aeolic poetry mostly uses four classical meters known as the Aeolics: Glyconic (the most basic form of Aeolic line), hendecasyllabic verse, Sapphic stanza, and Alcaic stanza (the latter two are respectively named for Sappho and Alcaeus).

Doric was spoken in the southern and eastern Peloponnese as well as in Sicily, Epirus, Southern Italy, Crete, Rhodes, some islands in the southern Aegean Sea and some cities on the south east coast of Anatolia.

Ionic is generally divided into two major time periods, Old Ionic (or Old Ionian) and New Ionic (or New Ionian). The transition between the two is not clearly defined, but 600 BC is a good approximation. The works of Homer ( The Iliad, The Odyssey, and theHomeric Hymns) and of Hesiod were written in a literary dialect called Homeric Greek or Epic Greek, which largely comprises Old Ionic, with some borrowings from the neighboring Aeolic dialect to the north. The poet Archilocus wrote in late Old Ionic.The most famous New Ionic authors are Anacreon, Theognis, Herodotus and Hippocrates. The meter was dactylic hexameter.

(Linear B)

The main division in greek literature was between prose and poetry. Within poetry there were epic poetry, lyric and drama. Lyric and drama were further divided into more genres: lyric in four ( elegiac, iambic, monodic lyric and choral lyric); drama in three (tragedy, comedy and pastoral drama).Prose literature can largely be said to begin with Herodotus so we have historiography (with Thucydide too). We also have the texts written by Philosophers (Aristotle, for example.)

In the next article, I will talk in deep about the epic poetry, Homer and his poems.

See you next time!


Have you ever felt like this?

Like nothing is really worth at try?

Like life is hopeless?

Have you ever felt powerless?

Unable to control your life

aiming the afterlife.

Unable to control your body

and falling inevitably.

You brain is miles and miles far away,

but your body still weighs,

you don’t know how to stop your mind,

how to stop the voices that make you go blind,


and insulting.

They say you’re useless,


they say you should stay here,

lying down near the fire,

playing with your life,

destroy it,

deny it.

But you know that is not true

but you take these lies as the univeral truth

and you live like everyone else,

fighting a battle that no one else sees.

You want someone to understand you,

but no one wants to live near you.

No one has ever wanted it,

no one has ever cared.

They’re just here

saying they understood

but you’re misunderstood.

But do they really want?

Do they really want to play with a hurricane?

Do they really want to be me?


Celts and the death.

The Celts used to consider the death as an interruption of a really long life, like a bridge between a life and another. So they believed in reincarnation but it was more than this. There was a metamorphosis, metempsychosis (a term in the Greek language referring to transmigration of the soul) and, in the end, the reincarnation. That time bewteen lives was spent in the reign of the King Tech Dunn, the Donn. Donn was ”The Land of the Young” or ”The land of the living”. This land was probably on or under Bulle Island or the Beara Peninsula. However, the Underworld was called by Celts ”Annwyn”. It was ruled by Arawn, later by Gwynn ap Nudd, and it was essentially a world of delihghts and eternal youth where there was no disease and the food was really abudant. No one could reach it, except when they died or when  they found the door.k.jpg

Middle Welsh sources suggest  that the word was recognised as meaning ”very deep” or it could also mean ”underworld” according to the original term ”ande- dubnos”, a common Gallo- Brittonic word. In the Annwyn, according to the traditions, there were the descendants of the Goddes Danu, called Tùatha Dé Dannan. They were retreated into the Otherworld after they were defeated by the Milesians. The specifical Irish term for this is Aes Sidhe.


Sometimes, a lot of heroes fought in the Underworld and they could remain there forever, without getting older. About the entrance to the Underworld, we could talk about Bran (”The Journey of Bran”) who arrived on a boat through the sea, but someone could even get there through a cave or a lake.  According to the religion, there were Paradises in the Avalon Island, also known as ”The western paradises”, where the Goddess lived. It was ruled by the nine sisters, including Morgana. These Paradises were described as gardens where apple trees of the eternal life grew. The Irish Kings received the apple of the immortality and they left the world at the sunset. During the Samhain was also possible to move from a world to another. Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the year. ( 31st October- 1st November). We can also remember the other parts of the year.tumblr_n06i6fmRzS1t7uz2fo1_500.jpg

Celtic burial and funeral rites.

For a warrior, it’s not surprising that to the Celts, the most honorable death was to die in a battle. Depending on the time period and which tribe you were in, you might be buried, cremated or have your ashes buried. According to  Caesar, dead people were burned on a pyre. Sheep and oxen were slain and their fat was placed on the body and their carcasses around it. Jars of honey and oil were placed around the body. The loved horses, dogs and slaves were slain, their bodies piled on top. Then it was set on fire and the ashes were taken out and laid in a gold urn. The body was washed and wrapped in a death shirt, called an Eslene. The body was laid out with burning candles in the home for seven days. People would keen over the dead or praise him or her. Three days after the body was laid out, a feast was organized in his/her honor. The body had a bowl placed on the chest where the people used to put food and coins for the dead to use in the next life.On the morning of the burial, the Druid came in the house and,  using a rod, he misured the body for the resting place. Over time and with the diffusion of Christianity, the was changed and they assumed a Christian tone.dd071ec32cb15d6b767f7ba20cd46e48

Things you shouldn’t say to INTJs

First of all, 

The INTJ is the patient visionary with a clear view of how the future should look and will work with quiet and logical determination to make it happen. INTJs love  intellectual challenges and will be stimulated by  the abstract and the complex. The INTJs love the complex, the new and untested. Facts and figures bore them, and they will be looking to see the ‘bigger picture,’ planning for the future that they create. INTJs make decisions based on rational logic, rather than emotion and they will be quite measured in their approach to other people. They generally have strong opinions, are independent of thoughts and action and have no need to verbalise them. That’s why the members of a group feel neglected or like outsiders. This can also make the INTJs seem impenetrable to others who can totally misunderstand them. They often leave a void and people often fill this  with their own assumptions and predilections, rarely positive ones. So one person may say “he’s not interested,” another may say “she doesn’t like me,” and  another “she is so full of herself”. They don’t know -or don’t understand- that we prefere talking about meaningful topics than the stupid things of a normal boring life. We’re not interested about the new style, the weather, how to wear the new pair of jeans or other people’s life. I mean, these informations are quite useless. We’re higly introverted so, the first thing you should never say to INTJs is: ”Go out, c’mon. Why don’t we make some friends? It will be funny!”NO. NEVER.

We don’t like socializing, talking about your relationships or discussing about you kissed a boy during a party, unless you’re my best friend, then I can listen to you. I know. you would say ”it’s the same thing” and, trust me, it’s not.

Second thing :  DON’T sayGo out from your head, live the moment”.

I can’t simply go out from my mind and live the moment. I have to think about the consequences of my actions, right? And fantasizing is funny. They call me excessively cautious but you don’t really know what I can do.


Third thing: ” Don’t be so pessimistic, good things are going to happen!”

No, I’m not pessimistic, I’m realistic, I know what could happen if you continue to act like this. Stop, please. You can’t wait for these good things, you have to create them.


Fourth thing: ” You will have an husband so learn how to cook. You will be a mother for sure! I want a nephew”.

I decide what to do in my future, I decide to marry someone, I decide to have children, you can’t control my life or my body, sincerely, you’re no one. I don’t believe in traditions, they’re useless and we don’t need them. Who should say I have to do this? Who decides for me? No tradition or religion can force us to live a life that mabe we don’t want to live. I’m not saying I will never marry (who knows?) but I don’t want to live a normal life. I want to succeed, to be someone, not just the simple housewife (no offence). Being an INTJ woman in this world is so hard. (The 0,9%).6360371737672662741188562165_intj.jpg

Fifth thing: ”Pray, have faith. You can’t control your life, HE can”

Who?? An illusion?? A lot of INTJs are religious but this doesn’t apply to me. I can control my life, even if it’s not entirely mine, because we are part of an enviroment and everything is connected but NOT because someone in the sky decides for me. Why should I pray? Why can’t I just act like I want to?


Sixth thing: ” Be polite, be kind, don’t offend people. You should lie sometimes to mantain the peace.”

No, sorry. The truth hasn’t to remain hidden. I don’t fake my love for you, I just can’t. Who cares about peace when you live in a lie. a55ffcffda23982518b4db580c9cc842.jpg

Seventh thing: ” You always study, you always stay alone in your room. Why don’t we go shopping?”

Studying is important, I need the things I study because everything could be useful. Studying a language is important, the new pair of jeans could wait. I could improve myself and be good in a lot of field while you remain in your ignorance.


Eighth thing: ” Feel, don’t think. Express your feelings, tell how much you love people, hug them, don’t be antisocial!”

WHAT????????? Why should I be irrational? I keep my feelings for me and to express them I should really love you. I’m not unemotional, I’m just highly private and skeptical and I hate hugs. There’s a big difference between being asocial and antisocial, do your researches.


Ninth thing: ‘‘Oh god are you okay??? Are you sad????? She/ He’s probably mad!”or ”Why is she/he starring at me with that face? She’s creepy..”

No, it’s just my face. I’m just thinking.


Tenth thing: ”You can’t find solutions so easily! We need proofs!”

Do you really need to lose yourself in stupid accurate facts and data? That’s why I’m mostly right like everytime.54f4763b90db433af01f77f93e5edaae--math-patterns-intj-personality

I won’t change my identity to fit in, never and probably people will never deal with it but I really don’t care.



E i pensieri fluivano sulla cartaCome un fiumiciattolo che scorre lentamente.

E inizio a scrivere,

dando alle parole una vita propria.

Le sento come se fossero vive

Come se fossero dei bambini appena nati.

All’improvviso queste parole si trasformano in un fiume

E come un fiume che scorre velocemente, non ho nulla con cui fermarle.

E continuo, continuo a scrivere sperando che la carta possa capirmi,

Sperando che qualcuno leggendo capisca, 

Sperando che questa assorba un pezzo della mia anima per creare quella magia

Che rende tutto un po’ diverso dalla realtà.

Non sono questi fiumi che forse, una volta tanto, ci salvano la vita?



Il mondo mi sembra più passivo che mai. Ogni giorno, le persone vanno avanti nella loro piccola sfera di cristallo che si sono creati e non escono fuori, non ne hanno l’intenzione. Si cullano nella loro immaginaria sicurezza, nella sicurezza che, fuori da quella sfera, tutto stia andando bene e che nessuno, in questo momento, stia morendo a causa di un attacco chimico  o perché semplicemente è un essere umano. Non fanno altro che ascoltare l’ultima hit del momento, ballare e confondersi nelle masse, eliminando la loro personalità. Non fanno altro che cancellare i loro ideali per adattarsi a una società vuota che ha come scopo la ricerca di un divertimento che fondamentalmente è illusorio. Non fanno altro che eliminare il diverso o rovinarlo, rendendolo vuoto e incapace di formulare un pensiero che non sia conforme alla società. Non so se qualcuno ancora abbia capito che tutto quello che li circonda non è altro che un velo che copre la verità. Non vi sentite male a vivere così? Non vi sentite inutili? Come fate a non riuscire a preoccuparvi per tutto quello che vi circonda? Non vi sentite coinvolti? 

In questo esatto momento, due eserciti opposti stanno combattendo per ottenere la pace e per far sì che  vinca il cattivo e che perda il buono, non capendo che entrambi sono solo dalla parte del male. D’altronde ogni cattivo nella sua testa è un eroe.

In questo momento una donna è vittima di violenze solo perché ha deciso di ribellarsi a un sistema completamente sbagliato. In questo momento, migliaia e migliaia di bambini o patiscono la fame o lavorano ininterrottamente nelle fabbriche che producono i nostri palloni tanto amati. In questo momento i gay sono torturati nei campi di concentramento in Cecenia e indovinate? Nessuno ne parla. Nessuno parla di tutto quello che succede quotidianamente nel mondo, ma solo di quello che gli conviene. I media nascondono tutto, propinandoci cose fondamentalmente inutili e che servono solamente a distogliere la nostra attenzioni su cose superficiali. Ditemi che utilità ha capire il look di Kylie Jenner. Ditemi a cosa serve spettegolare del più e del meno sulla vita altrui. Ditemi a cosa serve distruggere un essere umano per quattro voci di corridoio e poi non assumersene la colpa. Ditemi perché vi piace tanto una società così sbagliata che mira solo all’omologazione e alla stupidità. Io ho provato a comprendervi ma non ci riesco, è più forte di me. Non capirò mai il vostro essere così vuoti. Tutti mi dicono: ”Oh dai, ammettilo, anche tu sei come tutti gli altri, anche a te piace sparlare, anche a te non importa nulla , anche a te piace divertirti e poi vivi e lascia vivere, che ti importa degli altri, devi pensare solo a te stessa”. Peccato che non è vero. Lo ammetto, a tutti piace divertirsi ma ci sono modi e modi. Il vivi e lascia vivere è giusto nella misura in cui non muore nessuno, nella misura in cui le donne non possono essere istruite e non venga fermato il diritto di amare, che è quello fondamentale e che tutti devono sfruttare. Dire ad una persona una semplice battuta può distruggerla, letteralmente. Può innescare un processo a catena che la porterà a quello che voi deridete e chiamate gesto estremo, il suicidio. Tutti voi deridete la depressione, senza neanche sapere cosa sia. Voi non sapete cosa significa non avere neanche la forza di alzarsi dal letto, di mangiare, di leggere o di svolgere i semplici compiti giornalieri. La prendete per semplice pigrizia, vero? Avete sempre avuto il vizio di minimizzare tutto, anche lo stupro. Mi è capitato di leggere che lo questo è giustificato perchè le donne non devono vestirsi in un certo modo e che molte volte serve per affermare la supremazia dell’uomo sulla donna. Purtroppo, queste cose sono state affermate anche da delle donne contro il femminismo.

Siamo nel 2017 e ancora si sente dire queste cose. Ci definiamo ” moderni”, ”aperti” ma non siamo altro che come quelli che ci hanno preceduto. Inutile fare i moralisti e ricordare le vittime delle guerre passate se poi siamo i primi a causarne altre. E’ inutile fare quel minuto di silenzio il 27 Gennaio se poi riaprite i campi di concentramento e non li fermate. Tutti perseguite questa logica della passività che, vi assicuro, non porterà nulla di buono.

Spero che un giorno tutti voi apriate gli occhi per capire e per smettere di vivere nell’ignoranza. Spero che un giorno riusciate a capire e a lasciare quelle cose futili che riempiono la vostra vita vuota. A volte penso che forse chiedo troppo al mondo. Lo so, noi esseri umani siamo pieni di difetti ma io credo che, usano anche solo la logica o anche solo il vostro spirito combattivo sopito, il mondo può essere un posto migliore.

Ma forse, penso, ripongo malamente le mie speranze.



Lettera a mia figlia



Ho deciso di scrivere una  piccola lettera a una mia futura figlia in questo giorno dedicato a tutte le donne.

Non farti comandare, mai. Non farti dire come vivere la tua vita né tanto meno farti picchiare da tuo marito per poi tacere. Abbi sempre il coraggio di ribellarti a qualsiasi cosa, di lottare per le ingiustizie che ti si presentano davanti e di cambiarle, nel tuo piccolo, per rendere il mondo un posto migliore . Come disse un cantante che amo ”Cambia le tue stelle, se ci provi riuscirai”  (Ermal Meta). Abbi il coraggio di essere te stessa, di amare chi vuoi e di goderti la tua vita. Vivila, senza restrizioni. Ama,senti, leggi, scrivi. Fa’ qualsiasi cosa per rendere la tua vita migliore di quella che io sto vivendo. Non farti bloccare dagli stereotipi, dagli uomini che ti verranno dietro per avere una seconda madre e poi ti lasciano per un’altra perché non ti sei sforzata abbastanza per compiacerli. Tu non sei una  badante né una bambolina di pezza che viene distrutta e poi ricucita. Tu sei un essere umano che merita tutto il meglio da questo mondo. Fatti un futuro, migliora te stessa, abbandona chi ti ostacola, combatti e non arrenderti mai. Non lasciarti abbattere dalle circostanze, dal destino che ti rema contro perché tu, così come tutti gli altri,  hai la forza di combatterlo e di distruggerlo o, semplicemente, di volgerlo a tuo favore, di plasmarlo a immagine e somiglianza dei tuoi sogni. Abbi il coraggio di essere donna e anche di vestirti come ti pare perché i fischi degli uomini per strada non valgono nulla. Non credere agli insulti che riceverai perché quelli non definiscono te stessa. Sii diversa, non omologarti alla massa solo per farti piacere dagli altri. Non farti dominare dalle tue insicurezze e prova a superarle e, soprattutto, sii intelligente, studia che non c’è bellezza senza intelligenza.