Have you ever felt like this?

Like nothing is really worth at try?

Like life is hopeless?

Have you ever felt powerless?

Unable to control your life

aiming the afterlife.

Unable to control your body

and falling inevitably.

You brain is miles and miles far away,

but your body still weighs,

you don’t know how to stop your mind,

how to stop the voices that make you go blind,


and insulting.

They say you’re useless,


they say you should stay here,

lying down near the fire,

playing with your life,

destroy it,

deny it.

But you know that is not true

but you take these lies as the univeral truth

and you live like everyone else,

fighting a battle that no one else sees.

You want someone to understand you,

but no one wants to live near you.

No one has ever wanted it,

no one has ever cared.

They’re just here

saying they understood

but you’re misunderstood.

But do they really want?

Do they really want to play with a hurricane?

Do they really want to be me?