Why is it hard to get things done for INTPs?

Have you ever wondered why you end up reading about psychological theories
instead of studying for that exam?
Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t just accomplish things like others?
Why you lose interest so easy?
Well, then you can understand us (and you might be an intp as well).
You see, I’m struggling to write this article because I opened and then closed
the notes, checked Instagram and then got back to my show, forgetting about it.
First of all, what is the cause?
Our Ne is on fire.
Our function stack is Ti- Ne- Si-Fe. Ne is an auxiliar function so we couldn’t be
as random as ENTPs and ENFPs but this makes us really clumsy, disorganised
an very spontaneous, even though some of us look like they’re rigid and closed
to the world. This is the function of exploration, second guessing, possibilities and multiple scenarios. This is the function of sudden ideas, sudden motivation and sudden innovations: it’s what drives us to understand the world.

Why does this happen then?

It’s like this, we are random, it’s like our brain is filled with fireworks and we
can’t stop them, we can’t stop our hyperactive minds. The more we try, the more it gets worse.

We prefer creating over re-using
We prefer creating over re-using, we prefer playing with many not with few, we can’t just stand one simple task, one simple life. Moreover, we need change, we need to switch our focus on many things because we live on possibilities,
scenarios no one has ever considered or just various theories we can speculate on.

Spontaneous outbursts of Energy
We feel the need to start doing something in the present, we rush for it and we get bored after hours but that outburst is so motivating, it’s our fuel, our enthusiasm showing in its greatest form. We might feel the need to express
ourselves in words, long sentences, art, even math. We need to explore, both
outside and inside, see, get inspired. We need to close our eyes and think
through images, colorful images that bring the most beautiful ideas.

All or nothing attitude
Our work has to be good or it’s not worth it. While we could dismiss details, we care deeply about them when it comes with something we love: we could
make many researches for days, months, until we find the perfect moment to start making it a reality. However, this can make us rather perfectionists and it’s a paradox, I know- lazy: our need to make things a reality can prevent us
from materialising our projects.

We are casual inventors
We could spend one month inventing, creating new systems yet we
procrastinate on so many important things like school or simple daily tasks. Wehate chores, we hate everything that comprises daily tasks: it’s easier for us tosit in front of a computer than clean the kitchen, for example (or at least, quite funnier).

We don’t know how to channel our energy
We don’t know how to channel our Energy so we create, create and create, until we fall asleep on our deks. We start so many projects, we download so many apps that we aren’t going to use anyway just because we feel motivated; we decide to study Swedish when we haven’t completed the Spanish lessons yet, only because we feel like moving around or just lay down and think. Especially for us INTPs, our energy comes from the inside and contemplation is the best
way to use it all yet dealing with our thoughts can be hard sometimes.

Neuroticism and analysis paralysis
We are capable of analysing many perspectives from different points of views and this can often lean towards “analysis paralysis”: we see many aspects of our projects and we get lost in the “better way” to do them, even though they’re already quite good. This doesn’t happen with projects only but with every aspect of our lives: from school to friendships, from our job to social interactions.

We weren’t made for routines
We weren’t made for routines, for boring desk jobs, for pre-existing systems. We were made to innovate, to live in the ha-ha moment and just do it, do whatever we want to, to express us freely without rules limiting us. We don’t feel at ease dealing with detailed plans, with steps to follow precisely: we need
to follow our ideas, our logical process.

The world out there is suffocating
We find ourselves working for useless things because we have to study for tests, do homework: it’s like we can’t follow our complicated paths because we have to stick with details, unwanted tasks, therefore we are stuck in this dimensionwhere we can’t develop our creative self.

We second-guess ourselves
Our heads are filled with doubts, we question everything and we are never sure of what we think, of what we perceive and see. We are never sure of our abilities and we could procrastinate out of anxiety. This constant insecurity can make us depressed, reluctant to try, despite our true nature, reclusive and harshto the people around us. We could become really lazy, lost in our worlds,
without caring of what there’s around us. Yes, the stereotype of the solitary
INTP can be quite true in this case, which could also cause a Ti-Si loop. It’s like we are someone else, someone far from who we are supposed to be or what we could be. We are stuck in a cycle of desires we aren’t going to satisfy because we aren’t sure of how we could reach them and make them a reality. However, sometimes we do know, we just get lost in our discouragement and we don’t want to consider any possibility: it didn’t work once, why should we try again?
It’s important, to get out of this toxic cycle, to experiment as much as possible because this is what we crave more, as I already stated, and understand that our doubts are not what we truly are, rather just a product of overthinking and they
can be areased in favor of positive thoughts.

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