How to fight intrusive thoughts

Have you ever felt like your head is on fire? You can’t stop thinking, you don’t sleep at night. Everywhere you go, those thoughts are still there and they don’t leave. But what can you do to fight them? You probably tried thousand times but here there are some suggestions.


  1. Let it be

Stopping your intrusive thoughts don’t work because they only become more distressing. Using self-talk to coach your way through the process is key. ‘Here is the thought — I’m not going to focus on it, I’m going to let it pass.'” Knowing this can help that upsetting thought carry less weight in your mind.

2. Focus on something else

When we are stressed or too calm, those thoughts are triggered. By finding an activity the thoughts often move to the background. Music, movies, a conversation with someone, a sport, hobby, or activity can engage our brain in something else.

3. Understand the triggers

Learning what triggers your thoughts is more of a prevention tactic, but it can also work to make you feel safer as the thoughts are happening and you learn to take note of them. “Intrusive thoughts are not completely random,” Dr. Klapow says. “Often they are triggered by either the environmental situation or our internal state. Learn what situations bring up the thoughts (are you in doors or outdoors, do you have deadlines at work, are you driving at night) and what state you are in that trigger them (tired, hungry, sad, stressed).” This is another way to avoid the stress of trying to stop the thoughts.


4. Self- talk

Analyse them and find the reasons why they’re wrong. For example, you could think a person is about to leave you because they hate you but ask yourself if this is possible and why.

5. Remember, it’s just a thought

What you think is not always true.

6. Meditation

When I feel like I’m thinking too much, I just close my eyese and focus on my breath. I also listen to guided meditations.


7. Find a therapist

Sometimes we can’t fight alone, we need someone

This is a list of questions you should ask yourself when you get intrusive thoughts.

1)Do I believe this thought? Is it true or false?

2)What happens if it’s true or false?

3)Will I or someone get hurt?

4)What can I learn from this thought?

5)What do I need to know?

6)What is it trying to tell me?

7)What belief is attached to this thought?

8)How long have I had this belief?

9)Where does this belief come from?

10)Am I ready to heal/release it?

11)Can I let the thought/belief go?


3 thoughts on “How to fight intrusive thoughts

  1. Very useful, thank you!
    The worst thing of them is their ability to let you think that they are so important and so true that you cannot focus on something else! Understand this trick is important, and you described it well!

    Liked by 1 person

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