Self-care and self-love

We are often too though with ourselves, we blame ourselves for literally everything that happens.

We can’t can’t do this and we can’t control most of the things we see, but we can only control our thoughts or reactions. Why should we hate ourselves? What for? Deep down we know it’s wrong (you won’t agree, I know).

We only have us at the end of day, so why this? We have to say gente words to us, we have understand our mistakes, forgive ourselves and move on. We can’t live in the past, we can live in the present moment and that’s a lot. We have to take care of our health, of our minds because we have to live, right?

An example, when we do something wrong like not respecting our plans (I feel extremely guilty) we have to tell ourselves that we’re doing the best. We struggle, waking up is already a victory! I got lower grades this year but this was one of the hardest years of my life. Why should I be so disappointed? Or why should I feel like I am the worst person in the world? I went through a lot, I’m still into it but I’m moving on. I’m forgiving myself, that’s what matters.

So they key words are : forgiving, moving on, accepting and courage. Because yes, we have to love ourselves but we also have to force us to get out of the comfort zone and LIVE. We get scared of so many things but, to get rid of the fear, we have to fight them. Are you scared of being abandoned? Tell yourself why you’re wrong, challenge your beliefs. Are you scared of being hated? Why should you be? Think about all your beautiful qualities, would you still be hated?

But what an we do to take care of our minds and bodies?

Have the right attitude

Looking at things from an optimistic frame of mind can not only decrease your stress level but bring you more success in life and more. You can even change ingrained negative thought patterns to more positive ones by using positive affirmations.

You can also change Self-Limiting Statements to Questions:  Self-limiting statements like “I can’t handle this!” or “This is impossible!” are particularly damaging because they increase your stress in a given situation and they stop you from searching for solutions. The next time you find yourself thinking something that limits the possibilities of a given situation, turn it into a question. Doesn’t “How can I handle this?” or “How is this possible?” sound more hopeful and open up your imagination to new possibilities?

Understand your emotions

Keeping your emotions bottled up may lead to an emotional explosion later on. It’s generally healthier to listen to your feelings, process them, and try to understand them. Consider them ‘messengers’ that tell you when something is not right with your world. A great way to process emotions is the act of journaling. When you write about your feelings, and potential solutions to your problems, you can reduce stress in your life and even see some health benefits.

Meditation is important as well, especially if you’re a believer.

Pamper yourself

Have a shower, use some beauty products to feel at your best! Mens sana in corpore sano.

Start a compliments file. Document the great things people say about you to read later.

Create a habit

Create a deliberate habit, and routinize something small in your life by doing it in the same way each day.


Make one small change to your diet for the week. Drink an extra glass of water each day, or have an extra portion of veggies each meal.

Stay green

If you have the possibility, sit near a tree or somewhere green and relax, breathe and enjoy the sounds around you.

Tech free-time

I’ve noticed how social media can be toxic and make depressed a lot of people so it’s time to have some free-time and think about what is around you.

Make time for your passions

Do you want to be a blogger? A photographer? An IT engineer? Well, be selfish, take time for yourself and go get what you want.

By starting now, you’ll feel definitely better! It takes time but you will more connected to your body soon and nothing will look difficult as much as it did before!

Keep going.


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