Vulgar literature in Italy

Vulgar literature develops later that the french one and it was influenced by the English and the French one as well. Literature was mainly shared in the King’s court by the French troubadours who escaped from the destruction caused by the Albigesian Crusade. Federico II, a sicilian emperor, created a community of poets who wrote […]

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“What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself.” – Hecato

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Recensione “Le gazze ladre”

Titolo: ”Le gazze ladre”; Autore: Ken Follet; Genere: fiction, letteratura di guerra; Voto: 7.5/10. Nel lontano Maggio del 1944, una donna coraggiosa crea una squadra di donne per una pericolosa missione: donne da tutta l’Inghilterra, dalla più umile alla cantante nei bar notturni. Una storia vera, raccontata dall’autore per ricordare tutte quelle donne che sono […]

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“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.” – John Wayne

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Self-care and self-love

We are often too though with ourselves, we blame ourselves for literally everything that happens. We can’t can’t do this and we can’t control most of the things we see, but we can only control our thoughts or reactions. Why should we hate ourselves? What for? Deep down we know it’s wrong (you won’t agree, […]

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La penisola iberica

La letteratura araba in Spagna si caratterizza per forme proprie, riscontrabili soprattutto nella poesia, che adotta la forma di stampo europeo. Sono di moda schemi di intonazione popolare riservati alla poesia erotica, mentre la vecchia “qasida” continua ad essere d’obbligo per i temi aulici. La fioritura della lirica arabo-andalusa sopravvive alla caduta del califfato omayyade […]

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“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

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