MBTI and cognitive functions.

Psychologist Carl Jung was first to observe that our brains have 8 basic, fundamental functions that it performs and that these express themselves differently in each of us. Each of us has a “dominant” function that is our strongest function and the one that comes without any effort. We have: Ni/Ne, Ti/Te, Fi/Fe, Si/Se.

Here is the link of the test: https://www.16personalities.com/

Ni: introverted intuiting;

Ne: extraverted intuiting;

Ti: introvertend thinking;

Te: extroverted thinking;

Si: introverted sensing;

Se: extroverted sensing.

First of all, we should talk about introversion and extraversion.

Extraverts are those people who talk a bit more, talk a bit louder, talk a bit faster and seem to enjoy having more people around and having more action in their lives.The definition of an extravert is someone who gets energized by having more activity in the real world. They really love staying with people 24/7 (just how??)

Introverts are those people who are more energized by being in their heads, with their own thoughts, ideas, dreams, visions etc. We love the quiet, we talk less (someone doesn’t even talk) and we don’t like parties. Too much socializing. We can’t. Maybe, there are introverts who really love going to parties but , then, they really need to stay alone to recharge the batteries. We are really judged by extraverted people and they think we can change ourselves just hanging  out everytime or finding a boyfriend. You can find us in the crowd but it happens rarely. Introversion and Extroversion.jpg

There are two worlds we all live in. The world inside of our mind which is where introverts prefer to spend most of their time, and the world external to our minds. That would be the real, physical world full of people and events. It’s the external world where extraverts prefer to spend most of their time, We have an internal world where we fantasize about everything, especially  futuristic scenarios about a war between the Dark Side and the Jedis (yes, I’m a nerd).

This depends on our brain, Some scientists discovered that introverts have more neuro chemical stimulation than extroverts. I think it all depends on the most developed emisphere. Extroverts usually use the right emisphere but, of course, it could happen that they use both the emisphere. It’s all relative, I guess.

Let’s analyse the functions.

The perceiving functions: Ne, Ni, Se, Si.

Dominant Ne:  Ne manifests as a seemingly never-ending overabundance of theories, possibilities and inventive ideas that the user is constantly picking up on.

Auxiliary Ne: Ne manifests as a plenty  of possibilities that begin to support or expand upon a thought or decision.                                                                                                          

Tertiary Ne: Ne manifests as a series of creative solutions that may go into solving a problem or achieving  a goal.                                                                                                

 Inferior Ne: Ne originally has a reluctancy to try new ways of doing things, occasionally giving way to anxiety over the unknown.

Dominant Ni: Ni manifests as a keen perception for the meaningful connections that exist between the thoughts and occurrences in the Ni-user’s environment.

Auxiliary Ni: Ni manifests as an understanding of how the person should achieve her/his goals.

Tertiary Ni: Ni manifests as the desire to optimize or perfect a skill.

Inferior Ni: Ni originally manifests as a distaste for over-analyzing what is obvious or planning for the future.

Dominant Se:the user likes to try new experience. He/She likes taking risks and he/she loves adrenaline rushes.                                                                                                            

Auxiliary Se: the user liks to be always busy, he/she can’t stay without doing anything and he/she doesn’t like quiet enviroments.

Teriarty Se: the user is really competitive and likes expensive stuff. He/she overindulges in foods and all the pleasures of life.

Inferior Se: the user can understand really well people just observing them. He/she wants to see his/her dreams becoming real.

Dominant Si: the user uses past experiences to do something in the present.

Auxiliary Si:  the  person notices even the smallest details. He/she can remember everything of a certain place.

Tertiary Si: the user feels a lot of nostalgia and he/she likes to revisit  same museums, watching the same favorite old movies, and thinking about an old idea is a lot of fun for her/him.

Inferior Si: the user  can easily forget  what he/she learned few days ago or even friend’s birthday. He/she is really random.tumblr_inline_n1im3yFgT81swdyog.jpg

The judging functions: Te, Fe, Ti, Fi.

Dominant Te:  Te manifests as the ability to clearly conceive the most effective outcomes to any given situation or problem and the ability to set the corresponding plans into action.
Auxiliary Te:  Te manifests as the ability to take concrete actions on the user’s analysis of what is the best thing to do.
Tertiary Te:  Te manifests as the ability to source whatever resources are necessary to make his/her  desire a reality.
Inferior Te: Te originally manifests as the inability to set one’s external desires or plans into motion.


Dominant Ti:  Ti manifests as the constant identification of logical patterns that exist in ones external environment.

Auxiliary Ti: Ti manifests as the identification of how the logical systems could be manipulated to work to their advantages.

Tertiary Ti: Ti manifests as the organization of the user’s existing knowledge in a logical, systematic scheme.

Inferior Ti:   introverted thinking originally manifests as an excessively critical view of others, as it searches for objective truth.

Dominat Fe:  Fe seeks to identify what is moral and seeks for harmony.

Auxiliary Fe: Fe manifests as the urge to apply one’s understanding of situation in a way that will satisfy the desires of others.

Tertiary Fe: Fe has the ability to pick up on the motivations and emotions of those around the user. The immature Fe user  takes advantage of those feelings by manipulating them in a way that supports his/her own ends. The mature tertiary Fe user will search for a means of incorporating the needs of others into their personal plans and actions.

Inferior Fe: Fe originally manifests as the user being reluctant to  express emotional concerns, as the user cannot logically make sense of his or her own feelings.


Dominant Fi: as a dominant function, Fi manifests as a moral compass.

Auxiliary Fi: as an auxiliary function, Fi manifests as a way of reflecting on and how the person  feels about his or her past actions.

Tertiary Fi:  Fi manifests as strong, unwavering set of morals and values  and the the person uses them to take a decision.

Inferior Fi: Fi manifests as a general antipathy for emotional expression and a fear of being judged as ‘weak’ by others.


These are the personalities:


To sum-up:

To all the thinkers: if you have feelings, you can still be a thinker. If you are empathic, it doesn’ mean  you are a feeler. Stop thinking you’re cool without feelings. You’re not a robot, you’re just a complex human being.

-Stefania, INTP.


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  1. Informative post!

    I discovered 16personalities early last month and can spend way too much time there! LOL! I’m “The Architect” (INTJ-A)! 😉

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    1. No one says:

      Ohhh finally I found someone!

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  2. shootingstar says:

    Hey.. awesome post! And I loved the way you made it sound so interesting! Btw, I am INTP 🙂

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    1. No one says:

      Thanks hahah Oh INTP…I love INTPs hahaha


      1. shootingstar says:

        Haha..That’s great 🙂

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    2. No one says:

      Thanks! I love INTPs


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