Heart or head?

And you came like a thunder in a lilac sky

Unexpectedly and violently 

You broke my mind

And my heart

You messed up my thoughts 

Changing them

I thought love was just a chemical reaction 

Now it’s like a drug

It makes me feel better 

But not as good as it seems.

It’s curious how love can destroy you.

It’s supposed to be something that can heal you

But now it’s killing me

It’s exhausting me

And I don’t know what I can do

Should I listen to my heart

Or should I listen to my mind?

My heart is suffering and it’s wondering in a barren wasteland 

Searching for you

But my mind is calling me back

To the right path of logic.

Both mind and heart have the right solution 

But which of them should I follow?

(I wrote this in a cold night of January )



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  1. Love it Now says:

    love cannot make you feel better nor destroy you, only you can do it.
    Love is love, how you look at it is yours

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    1. Uh yes maybe you’re right

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  2. Beautiful penned lines and love is everything and everywhere, it can never break anyone.👌👌👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It depends on how you live it


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