Just thoughts, nothing more.

I don’t understand why people suffer so much in their life.Maybe we deserve it. Or maybe we don’t?  Why do people spend most of their life despairing and not being happy about anything? Maybe we are addicted by a certain kind of sadness. It’s like we attract with a magnet the despair and the negative feelings. Maybe we just need this despair to survive, otherwise we would not be humans. Some people who define themselves positive would not approve that but we know that it’s like this. We all know sadness is necessary, unfortunately. We are made of tears and drama, but we are made of flowers and of the breeze that blows during the spring. It’s incredible how darkness and light can coexist in one body, made apparently of meat and neurons. And if is there something more? And if are we just souls blocked by a wall and what if are we trying to go out? Maybe we have freedom dying or maybe loving. It’s like we make go out a part of ourselves from this armor, loving someone. Creating this bonds, we permit to the soul to be uncontrolled and to live free, traveling in time and space. We travel in an other dimension different and completely new, and maybe this soul is feeling blocked and unwanted. It’s not like this love? Sharing the little things?

I’m not a native speaker so tell me if there are some mistakes, thanks.



10 thoughts on “Just thoughts, nothing more.

    1. I just love the way you put it into words. Seems like you put everything into words just perfectly.

      Well, I’ve been going through rough life, rough days. And that’s absolutely true. But, I think that why do people suffer is because they only focus on what they don’t have, and forget about what they have. Most of people searching for perfection, wealthy, richness or whatever you name it. Until we often forget that every simple things that happen in our lifes, need to thank for.

      Like, we still can breathe, people in hospital can’t. We can walk, while people with disabilities can’t. We just need to see things with other perspectives. I hope this can make people in suffer at least feel something haha.

      Nice post, as always! ๐Ÿ™‚

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